Welcome to Tech-Savvy (Make in India Mission)


Our Mission

Protect Green Earth with advanced technology and with use of control software & set an example in terms of reliability, quality, commitment, innovation resulting into total customer satisfaction.

  • Focussing more on Agro Products for year 2017. 
  • Focussing more on Foundry products with orders in Hand. (2017)
  • Developed and Commissioned 2 Products in 2015 and 2016
  • Expecting Enhanced growth of production in various developed product sectors.

Protection of Green Earth is in OUR Hands

Tech Savvy Progress Graph:

  • 2013: Acquired software company to support software required for products.
  • 2014: Acquired Green Tech to add Medical and Agro Products to portfolio.
  • 2015: The year starts with an order book exceeding 20 Million INR
  • 2015: Technology Transfer agreement with similar concept like BOT for Consumer product signed.
  • 2016: Successfully started the first Indigenously Manufactured Green Sand Reclamation Plant. Designed and Manufactured in India for Indigenous foundries. The first of its kind started successfully Designed and Made In India. 
  • 2017: Looking forward for Order book more than 30 Million INR